Lunch at the Macaroni Grill

June 1, 2006

I’m not sure if this took place June 1st, but it’s close enough. I had been noticing on occasion that food gets stuck if I eat too fast. And guess what… I often eat too fast! Wolfing food down is a family trait. I think we all eat pretty quickly, and in this case the bad manners pays off…

So I’m at a Macaroni Grill with two colleagues, Mike and Jeremy. They bring that nice hot mini-loaves of bread over, and we immediately start munching away. Mmmmm, nice hot bread….

This is when a piece of the bread gets stuck. Uh, oh, I recognize this and ask the wacky “feaux italian” waiter to bring some water. The conversation goes something like this…

Ahh, water, what would others like to drink? Should I take your drink order? No, bring water, no ice, now please. Ahh, can I interest you in a nice Chianti? Perhaps a soda or ice tea? No, I need water NOW, just water NOW, no ice. Oh, okay, you would like some water to drink. And how about your friends here? What are they having? Coca Cola? Ice Tea? Chianti? No, DAMMIT, I need a frickin’ glass of water NOW!!! (I think this went on a few more rounds, debating the virtues of water with or without ice, until I started pounding at my chest, and the idiot finally clues in, and brings me water). Grazie!

Afterwards, Jeremy starts to bug me about a doctor’s appointment. I think about making the appointment for Monday, June 5th… but something’s up at work. He keeps nudging me, in a good way, much like the time about getting my tires properly inflated (he’ll do this for other things too, as it turned out I had nails in a tire and it needed to be fixed). What a great guy, he’s like a little French Jewish mother. Very European. Such a mensch!

Anyway, I arrange for a late in the day appointment on Thursday, June 8. Depending how long I would have put this off, Jeremy’s friendly nudging could have saved my life. Who knows.


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