Meet GI Specialist, Dr. Berjis

June 14, 2006

It’s Wednesday, and I meet Dr. Berjis for the first time. He talks to me about what an endoscopy is. I sign something authorizing a biopsy, if he thinks it’s needed. The doctors still say I’m too young for cancer, it’s gotta just be a blockage of some sort. But they want to be sure, so they gotta stick this tube down my throat with a camera attached.

Now, I’m such a wimp, I get knocked out for a root canal. Hey, insurance doesn’t cover it, but it’s totally worth it if you have to have one of those things and a crown put on. Getting knocked out turns a horrific experience into one you don’t remember and then you’re really loopy for a few hours afterwards. Cartoon network rules!

Anyway, “Doctor B” assures me that I’ll be “out” and won’t remember a thing. I’m apprehensive, but he’s a cool guy and seems really smart and competant. After all, he IS a specialist, and I’m used to deferring to specialists all the time. So, the endoscopy is scheduled for Tuesday of the following week. Again, like the Barium swallow thing, nothing to eat or drink in the morning. So no coffee. Darn.


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