Chemo briefing

July 6, 2006

The week before the Chemo start is a blurr of more doctors appointments, and the 80 million things to do or not to do. In preperation, I get drugs galore for each possible nasty side effect that might happen. Yowza. I keep asking what about probabilities and percentages and standard deviations for these effects, but the doctors all say “yah, it can happen”. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m told it’ll be nasty. It’s all a blurr.

I’m in for cisplatinum and 5-FU’s, the latter aptly named, because that’s how many FU’s you want to say to this stuff.. Two sites I found interesting are a UK site on cisplatinum, and an overly medical jargoned wikipedia entry on cisplatinum. The same UK site also has a blurb on 5FUs.

The cisplatinum goes in on Monday and Tuesday… but I need 2 hours of hydration before and 4 hours of hydration afterwards. It’s that nasty. The 5FU stuff goes in a fanny pack and is hooked up to a pump to deliver it over 24 hours a day for four days — hence the need for the port, near the collarbone. Oh, joy.


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