Wakey Wakey Saturday

July 15, 2006

In retrospect, this first round wasn’t really that bad. I start to wake up on Saturday. I’m still out of it. I hear music and weird noises. Bizarre auditory hallucinations. I’m still messed up.

The funny thing is that I keep having auditory hallucinations so that I think I’m hearing either:

(1) Marching band music — could it be the cal band?

(2) Joe Walsh’s “Life of Illusion” (why, I have no idea)

(3) The instrumental bit from War’s “Low Rider” (a 1975 hit)

(4) The instrumental bit from song where everyone shouts “Tequila!”

What I think is actually happening is that I’m zoning in on weird stuff like the sound of the fan squeaking and the brain is filling in the rest. Hallucinations really aren’t all bad, once you realize you’re hallucinating… I finally give in and start enjoying the free music… :^)


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