HD TV for the masses

July 29, 2006

A great diversion was going out, researching, and buying an HD TV. I ended up with a 50″ plasma. If I’m going to be stuck at home for any length of time, I might as well watch good TV.

Costco rocks. My friend Mark helped a ton with his pickup truck, and we schlepped the machine to my house. By Saturday the HD TV was fully installed, DirecTV and all. My old-school “wall of television” is gone, off to display an old friend’s nephew’s video games, I guess.

I’m glad I have a new set, now I can fully watch road games and have people over without fear. My teams were losing too many road games on that big ol’ set — the Tuck rule game, Cal road losses, NCAA 1st round ousters, all on that old big TV. Let the new HD TV reign begin! Woo hoo!


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