The Tickets Arrive!

August 8, 2006

Well, the tickets came in the mail. And Payton Manning, one of my favorite NFL players, is on the Ticket! This UT alum came back for his senior season to win a championship and graduate with his buddies. Or so the story goes. What a class act. I am SO PSYCHED to go to Tennessee!!

(This was originally entitled “Last Train to Knoxville” until I realized that the Monkey’s song was “Last Train to Clarksville”, not “Knoxville”. I also thought about REM’s “Don’t go back to Rockville”, but that’s not Knoxville, either. Too many villes, too little time.)

Anyway, the Knoxville trip is locked and loaded. I’m so psyched! I’ve been posting on the Cal message site (, not .com, the .com is some porn site, see avenue q’s “the internet is for porn” for a musical description on that one). Anyway, I’m meeting Dave and as it turns out Garth in Knoxville, along with Dave’s new Cal friend Rick who ended up going to undergrad at Berkeley with my brother. So it should be big fun!

The key is here for me is to have some goal outside of the nasty treatment. Now I can focus on getting to Tennessee. I now don’t hope I’ll be well enough; I’ll will myself well enough. Out of all the SEC teams, I’ve always liked Tennessee. One thing I do hope for is the ability to try the BBQ. Haven’t been eating too well, don’t know about food.

One thing at a time…


2 Responses to “The Tickets Arrive!”

  1. objective expert said

    Although the medicinal psychological benefits of a diversion like the trip to Tennessee cannot be denied, the subject is over-emphasizing the benefits of watching a game with 200 like-minded fans and 106,800 fans cheering for the other team.

  2. Hah! You’re just jealous. I actually have always liked Tennessee since (1) their fight song is the “rocky top” folk song (2) their endzone looks like the old dreamsicle, checkerboard orange sherbert with vanilla ice cream and (3) they’re one of the few national teams with the guts to play the Pac10 (see recent series with UW and UCLA).

    Most conferences rely on east coast bias and the big money media juggernaut that is college football, rather than actually playing anyone out west. Tennessee is one of the hallowed grounds of college football, and there will be about 9,000 Cal fans rooting on the blue and gold!

    By the way, did anyone else hear Lee Corso of ESPN predict CAL as National Champions this morning ???

    Go Bears!

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