Brian’s Party

August 12, 2006

I didn’t know if I could go to a friend’s 50th birthday party or not. It was very odd when I finally RSVP’d via email and let them know I was fighting cancer and that would be at the end of radiation. I got a call right back from Brian – and to my surprise, he too was fighting cancer. He pointed me to his really extensive blog (which is a HUGE reason and inspiration that I started this one).

I really wanted to go to two events: Brian’s party, and the Cal – Tennessee game. Brian also wanted to go to Knoxville, but couldn’t. We both went to the Citrus bowl in ’92 (Cal blew out Clemson), and had a great time with his whole family and mutual other friends watching Cal beat UW in Seattle last year. To urge me on to be well for the Tennessee game, they sent me this year’s Cal game day T-shirt — the blue shirt fans wear to the games. It was really cool encouragement and inspiration. Cal fans will understand. Thanks, Anna!

As the party day approached. I started to feel a little nauseous starting on Wednesday of the last full week of radiation. By Saturday I didn’t feel great, but well enough to go.  The party was awesome — the outpouring of support for Brian, the positive energy of everyone there, the whole notion that cancer is beatable and that Brian will beat it. When I left the party, Brian said “we’ll both beat this thing”.

The second round of Chemo would start just two days later on Monday, and I left with increased optimism that this last round would finish off the tumor. Brian, you’re right — we’ll both beat this thing.


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