The day before…

August 13, 2006

Okay, so I know Chemo II starts tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to this, ’cause the doctors are all saying it’s gonna be nasty.

Up until now, things aren’t so horrific. I see the older folks in the cancer center really hurting and really sick from the treatment. I feel kinda guilty as I bound down the stairs to my daily radiation, with  my “usual high energy” and wanting to get a move on.

I’m still working through all of this, but will have to take time off for the Chemo week, August 14-19, since I’ll be hooked up to IVs and getting drugs.

So until now, it hasn’t been too bad. Chemo started on July 10th, along with Radiation. The first week of Chemo was just that — and by Wedndesday of the following week, I was fully back into the office, making a mess over a broken process here or there.

The daily radiation wasn’t a hardship — the center is in Berkeley, 10 minutes from my house. It takes about a half hour, there’s wireless in the waiting room, and most of the radiation technologists are cute young women working with high-tech machines. What’s not to like? :^)

My last day of radiation will be the first day of this next round of Chemo. So after Monday the 14th, I’m done with the radiation treatment. It’s only really started to burn this week — a strange sensation, like a sunburn on the inside. It’s not too bad, really, but I’m getting a bit fatigued.

Still, nothing compared to what I’ve seen with others. I feel like I’m getting off lucky so far… but Dr Cecchi is warning me “not to get cocky”. This next Chemo is supposed to be far, far worse.

My brother arrives tonight… got the sofa turned into a bed for him, and I look forward to his arrival so I can show off the new HD TV. We’ll see how things go…


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