The current state of affairs…

August 23, 2006

So now I’m done with all the poison going into my body. Man, has this been a fast 8 weeks or so, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery.

Unfortunately, Dr Cecchi was right, and this second dose of Chemo, after the radiation, is far, far worse.

By this time last time (Wednesday after treatment) I bounced back and was in the office already. This week I’m in the cancer clinic every day getting IV hydration. I’m still able to work ’cause it gets boring sitting there with IV hydration every day, and laptops are good. So I’m keeping my mind active, at least. And there’s wireless in the cancer center. Technology is GOOD… :^)

But my mouth is all messed up. The radiation concentrated right on the junction of the esophagus and the stomach, where the tumor is. But the esophagus is just one big tube, and the mouth is at one end. So the inside of my mouth is all messed up, it’s all swollen, like how your fingers swell up when you’ve spent too much time in a swimming pool.

Swallowing is hard, not on the throat end, but on the stomach end, where they’ve been nuking the cancer. Water hurts to swallow if not in careful, little sips. This unfortunately hasn’t gotten much better since they stopped dumping the Chemo poisons into my body last week.

Then add to that everything smells weird. Last time I could identify it as “metallic”; this time, it’s just “off”. Very, very few foods taste as they should. Anything with grease or fat is gross, so meat is out. The soy ice cream stuff is gross (but then again, it actually might be gross). Sorbet is good, and Trader Joes popsicles are divine. Smoked salmon remains the one thing that tastes great.

So I’m kinda just feeling grouchy, and sleep a bunch, and can’t really swallow anything so food is kinda out of the question. I get IV hydration and eat applesauce, jello and trader joe’s popsicles.

I’ve been getting lots of calls and emails from friends and I really appreciate the concern and offers to help. I really can’t eat much — tried some Chinese food last night that didn’t work too well — and what I can is pretty specific.

I’m really looking forward to going to the Tennessee game — I’m supposed to get on a plane on September 1, a week from Friday. I want to conserve as much as my energy as I can so I can go to the game. I’m incredibly psyched to visit one of the hallowed grounds of College Football…and now really lucky that my brother took a teaching position at Penn St this year. I’m hoping for a trip to Happy Valley sometime soon to watch the Nittny Lions play! But it’ll be nothing like going to see Cal play a big time program… and if we win… watch out!!

So, that’s the current state of affairs.


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