Finally feeling better…

August 25, 2006

Well friends, I’m finally feeling better. It’s been a really, really crappy two weeks. I’ll try and return phone calls and start seeing people this weekend, but I’ll need to take it easy. I plan to return to the office on Tuesday… and fly to Tennessee in a week!!

It still hurts to swallow water, but there’s this “Cecchi cocktail” I drink that numbs the mouth and esophagus so I can eat. Lox and bagels are still my staple, but now I’m adding eggs over easy to the mix. Peanut butter is finally tasting good again, and putting it on toasted semifreddi’s cinnamon challah also tastes good again. How it ever tasted badly… I have no idea. I’m told it may take up to 8 weeks for all of my tastes and smells to return to normal.

So, thanks for all the emails and calls… I’ll try and eventually get back to everyone who’s left nice messages. I really appreaciate all the support and all…

In the meantime, I’m enjoying just relaxing watching HDTV, which is really, really amazing.

I next see Dr Cecchi on Monday; I’ll find out more about schedules and scans then, and will let everyone know via the blog. Until then… GO BEARS!


3 Responses to “Finally feeling better…”

  1. Don said

    Good news Dave! Glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Anna said

    Good work Dave! Sounds like chemo was a bitch the second time around but you made it!! I’m glad you went with the doctor’s recommendations and booked Tennessee anyway…for the Bears to have a shot we need our #1 fan in the stands! And after the win there, we have the Rose Bowl and Marshawn Lynch’s acceptance of the Heisman Trophy to look forward to. And we will celebrate your recovery along the way. This cancer does not stand a chance against a formidable opponent such as yourself.
    Go Bears! Go Dave! All fingers and toes are crossed over here for good news from this week’s scans.

  3. John said

    Keep it up Dave. Good news. Great and useful commentary too.

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