The incredibly bizarre Harry Potter curse…

August 30, 2006

So things seem to improve on a daily basis. I’m heading back in the office, going to lunch with colleagues, able to eat Pho (yummy Vietnamese soup). But I still have this bizarre symptom, like some weird witches (or warlocks) curse: may you feel constantly hungry, yet most food will turn your stomach. You know, that sounds more like the Pirates of Caribbean movie (the first one, I’m told the second one sucked): Arrgh, aye be cursed, I feel hunger, yet food is unappetising! Arrrgh, indeed!

It’s weird. So I continue to eat lox and bagels and eggs. I’m slowly adding food to the mix, but for the last week or so I make something to eat, take two bites, think blech, and have to throw it out… only to still be hungry, and try the next thing. I’ve now added cold cereal (with bananas) to the mix, and there’s still cinnamon bread with peanut butter, but anything with a lot of fat or grease is gross. Last night steam green beans worked with white rice. Oh joy, how tasty. I can add a little BBQ sauce, which thankfully tastes good.

Doctor Cecchi says this weird taste thing is normal with chemo… and could last 6 to 8 weeks. So arrrgh, aye be cursed!!!


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