Talking to Tom about surgery…

September 8, 2006

So a colleague of mine at work pointed me to his friend Tom, who actually had the same surgery that the doctors talked briefly about with me — where you remove half the esophagus and half the stomach. Tom’s doctors saw redness and said it was pre-malignant. He had really bad heartburn for years, so he went ahead with the procedure.

The bottom line is that two years later, he went on all the rollercoasters at DisneyWorld with his kids, and is totally fine.

It’s a nasty procedure that involves all sorts of tubes going in and out of the body. Blech. I’ll have to confirm some of the details with my own doctors. I think it varies a bit on how they can do it, but for Tom, it sounded pretty gross, and 10 days in the hospital would drive me nuts. The recovery was 6-8 weeks.

The big plus side is that after surgery, it’s done.

I don’t even know if I need the surgery — I know I will if there’s still some cancer left in there, but Dr Cecchi keeps calling it “an option”. We’ll see on the 25th, but it sounds like it’s pretty gross if I need to go through it.


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