Xanax is good…

September 22, 2006

Ah, Xanax. It’s a fine medication. The last scan I had my usual needle in the arm phobia thing, plus this radioactive dye felt really uncomfortable. Not if you take a Xanax well before the appointment! I took one about 5 minutes before my neighbor Chris gave me a lift to the lab. Once I got there I said I took 0.5 mg… should I, could I, take another? They want you to be really relaxed during the PET scan, apparently being relaxed means the dye doesn’t get absorbed in the muscles… so they said sure!

Bottom line: bring a copy of The Onion (very funny political parody paper) to any of these things, and take a Xanax ahead of time. Even the marginally funny will crack you up. No phobia (I was too relaxed), no mess, no fuss. I dozed off, and even slept through the scan itself.

Now, I wait for Monday, when I meet with Dr Cecchi. Oh, that and the Cal-ASU game. Go Bears!


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