Back to the scope…

September 25, 2006

Well, after meeting with Dr Cecchi, things are still up in the air.

Apparently the PET scan doesn’t necessarily show up everything, like what’s actually in the esophagus. So… it’ll be back to Dr Berjis for another endoscopy, and probable biopsy.

I get the feeling that this “complete response” thing is like I’ve taken an early lead in the first quarter — running back the opening kickoff, forcing a three-and-out, and then getting a quick score to go up 14-0 with still 10 minutes to go in the first quarter. It’s an early lead — the best possible early result — but it’s a long, 5-year game.

No celebrations yet, until this surgery issue gets resolved one way or the other.

I’ll post once I find out when I’m supposed to have that endoscopy.


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