The trans-siberian ultrasonic scope…

October 1, 2006

So here’s the real scoop. While the “complete response” is great, it’s not, well, complete. While some of the radiation equipment was really star trekian, the PET scan is not at the level of sci-fi movies. I was dissapointed to learn that the PET scan can only “see” objects about a sesame seed or bigger. Something the size of a poppy seed — no way. So, in the proverbial question “how many cancer cells fit on the head of a pin”, the same can be said for the size of a poppy seed. The answer is lots.

So, while there’s no cancer bigger than a poppy seed left in my body, Dr Cecchi, my awesome oncologist, wants one more check — the trans-esophageal ultrasound endoscopy. I misheard this and thought it was some ultrasonic trans-siberian thing, but I think that may have been a movie starring Christopher Lee.

So, stay tuned. That’s the next test. They’re looking for the presence of cancer in the lymph nodes, and seeing if they can tell if any cancer is still alive in the esohpagus. After they answer those questions, we’ll make the hard decision on surgery (which is deserving of it’s own post).


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