Getting an ultrasonic endoscopy…

October 9, 2006

Well, the endoscopy was done last Wednesday. It all went well, or as well as could be expected.

It wasn’t at Alta Bates, I had to go into San Francisco since my GI guy doesn’t have the fancy equipment needed with this ultrasonic test. And what fancy equipment it is, indeed! It was very cool, there were 5HD panels in this one procedure room, one dedicated PC, and probably at least 3 other medical imaging systems as well. The frustrating thing was with all these HDTV monitors… why couldn’t ANY of them could get the A’s playoff game! Sheesh. Oh, that an the delay caused by an absurd insurance snafu.

The procedure went fine, although I had this weird dream I was gagging on something… which probably happened, and the drugs made it seem like a dream. They used the endoscopy to see where the problem lymph nodes were, and see if any others cropped up. As I found out later, they were able to use this device to poke a needle through the esophagus wall and do a biopsy on the lymph nodes nearby, yet outside the esophagus. All from putting a tube down my throat. Amazing!

After the procedure, I was pretty loopy. My friend Paul was great, picked me up and took me home. We stopped at Wendy’s for lunch (I was really hungry, not having eaten all day), and met a brother or cousin of Cal running backMarshawn Lynch at the burger joint. They saw my Cal hat, and asked me some questions — seeing if I was a real fan or just liked the hat. I vaguely remember this (endoscopy drugs are good), but Paul says I talked these poor kids’ collective ear off. After a few minutes, Paul says they had this expression of “why did we have to ask *this* guy about Cal?”… you know me, once I found out I was talking to a member of the Lynch family… well… GO BEARS !!!

After Paul dropped me off I logged on, did some work, watched some TV… and promptly fell asleep. Endoscopy drugs good… :^)


One Response to “Getting an ultrasonic endoscopy…”

  1. Don said

    Dave…that is such a classic move for you. I still remember you accosting the AD at the Alamo Bowl, going on and on about Bruce Snyder, etc.. Go Bears!

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