Rearrange the digestive tract…

October 12, 2006

For those curious, what they’re going to do on Monday is have me lay on my right side, and make a vertical inscision up the length of the torso. They’ll spread ribs apart to get to the good stuff.

The cancer was at the espohagus – stomach junction, and lymph nodes. So Dr Stallone will remove the bottom of the esophagus and the top of the stomach. I’ve told the Doc he can take out lots of the stomach — might as well get a weight-loss benefit out of all this! Not sure how much of the esophagus gets taken out, but the lymph nodes that showed up positive in that first PET scan, plus the puffy ones that got biopsied last week get removed as well.

After removing the damaged tissue, he’ll sew up the top of the stomach, and will cut a new hole in the stomach to reconnect the esophagus. However, this assembly has to be above the diaphram now, so the stomach has to get pulled through the diaphram (or he’ll cut the diapram to make this happen). Then he’ll connect the remaining esophagus into the new hole in the stomach.

All of this is supposed to happen in about 3 hours, maybe 3 1/2 — the length of a college football game. Wow. I need to be there at 6:30am on Monday; the procedure is scheduled for 7:30am. Oscar, my awesome neighbor, has offered to give me a lift over there.

Needless to say, I’m a bit freaked out. Today I have a couple of pre-op appointments and will learn more, like if I get a private room or if the hospital gets Fox Sports Net. Oh, boy.


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