Rest in Peace, Dave

December 13, 2006

Dave Ross

This blog was originally started anonymously. I think it’s OK to tell you now, the author’s name was Dave Ross. My name is Paul, and I’m writing this final entry in Dave’s absence.

On November 15th, 2006, Dave lost his battle with cancer. He went into the hospital for the surgery that he described here, in earlier posts, but he never recovered. He died due to complications during recovery.

Dave was a good person, and a dear friend. His loss will be felt by all who knew him.

The links below are for audio, video, and pictures from Dave’s life. I hope they bring back fond memories for all who knew him.

Dave’s Memorial Celebration:
(December 10th, 2006, at the Alumni House)

Related Links:

Joe Starkey tribute to Dave
(Recorded during the Cal vs. u$c game on Nov 18, 2006. Clip courtesy of Carrie Requist)

The Davelist Archives
(This is a mailing list created to discuss Dave Ross’s status, trade Dave stories, etc.)

Dave, the Savage?
(A photo of Dave Ross with Clive Reese, autumn 1980, Barrington Hall, first (?) floor hallway, ready for “Savage Wine Dinner”, by Allysyn Kiplinger.)

Wayne Lee – “Be a Hero to Somebody”
(University of California Graduates Convocation, 9 December 2006.)

“Farewell, Dave Ross”
(A nice farewell blog post by Dave’s friend, Richard Guion)

Dave’s Animations:
These were originally posted on my blog. For more information, and to read previous comments, visit my original post.

Rest in peace, Dave. You will be missed.

Go Bears!


15 Responses to “Rest in Peace, Dave”

  1. […] Its come to me more than a few times in the ongoing creation of this never-ending weblog that I really have no questions.  If I have no questions, I guess I also do not have answers.  Real questions are hard to come by and every so often I do come across one and its been painful.  In a few situations, it meant the loss of someone dear to me and in others, the end of a thing that was.  This Sunday, I get to say goodbye to my work colleague that became a friend.  Truth be told, I still miss the DaveR.  I miss the height and depth, the humor and fun, and the gentle sledgehammer that DaveR was at work.  But its gotten easier.  My first few days were in grief and mourning.  People travel their paths of grief and mourning and see its stages.  I’ve gone beyond that and I think of DaveR now with a degree of love and respect.  But… I still miss him and I always will.  I catch myself going through his old emails to me and I am searching for that innate thing he had that I miss.  His compassion, friendship, humor.  I told my friend Ed that its gonna tale awhile for me to put that down.  But now that I think about it, I don’t know how I can.  The feelings just change to other feelings. […]

  2. Gene said

    Oh crap. It’s hard to believe Dave is gone. He was always enthusiastic about whatever he was doing, whether it was cheering for Cal sports, cursing various ESPN commentators, or calling an operator in Atlanta a few years back when the Braves were in the World Series. “Joie de vive” only begins to describe him.

  3. beth said

    I can hear his voice with every entry he made. Dave brought honest enthusiasm and sincerity to life. Pure CAL, pure fun, pure Kirkwood.

  4. Chris said

    I learned of Dave’s passing only recently. Though I was not a large part of Dave’s life, I really enjoyed the limited time that I enjoyed with him. We both lived in Rockridge in the mid 1990’s. Dave used to periodically invite me over to watch games in his basement (the famous Picture AND Picture setup as opposed to the more well known Picture In Picture). He even cajoled me into agreeing to spend Valentine’s Day with him watching games until my girlfriend overruled that decision. Needless to say Dave was dumbfounded by that course of events.

    Thanks for being a great guy Dave and for welcoming me to your world.

    Chris McClain

  5. Sydney Pettygrove said

    I’m in shock. I had wanted to reconnect with Dave to let him know that the Onngh Yanngh movie was being appreciated by a whole new generation – my 16 year old daughter and her freaky friends – but I hadn’t been able to locate him.

    He was the man who said he found puberty to be a hair curling experience…

  6. Jack said

    I do not know Dave but he is truly a courageous man fighting for life because of cancer. I salute him.

  7. This saddens me to no end. I had lost track of Dave some years ago and only this last hour learned of his passing.

    Dave and I went to high school together, and I worked on many of those animations with Dave. When I went to college he managed to get me into the co-ops, and into Barrington Hall, and we continued our cinematic collaborations (that’s me with the movie camera 25 seconds in on Bug Snack). I thought many of those films were long lost. How strange and sad to see them again in this light.

    I’m at a loss for words. It doesn’t seem right that I’ll never hear that laugh of his again.

  8. I’m in shock. It’s hard to believe Dave is gone.

  9. Steve "Spass" Passey said

    My high school reunion is in the Fall and I excited to reconnect with old friends. Dave was at the top of my list. We knew each other briefly in elementary school and reconnected in 7th Grade and basically had every class together until we graduated. I was looking forward to reminiscing about playing poker in our 7th grade algebra class during finals, how much we hated our 8th grade geometry teacher who didn’ know s**t, history with Doc Johnson, physics with Benowits, LA Kings and Dodger games, Tommy burgers, car rallies, newspaper with Goldy, working at Mann’s Village Theater, etc. I had the pleasure of playing PanzerBlitx, Diplomacy and APBA baseball and having lunch with him for 6 years. I remember how excited he was at High School football and basketball games. In our tiny gym, he could easily be heard as he razzed opponents and critiqued the officials. And I wanted to learn what he had done these past 30 years and share some of my small accomplishments. Looking at the pictures and the thoughts by others, Dave never changed – full of life, passion and humor. I know all who knew him were blessed. Dave – BLECH!

  10. Abbey said

    I just stumbled upon your blog. I’m really sorry about your loss. I know it’s been years since this post was made, but I couldn’t help commenting because the photo of the person gave me the impression that he was such a nice guy when he was alive.

  11. Lindsey said

    I didn’t know Dave either, and like Abbey I came across this blog by accident, but so glad that I did. What a brave man! To face your own death with humour is quite something else, I know I wouldn’t have his attitude in the same situation. Bravo Dave, what a fella

  12. Paula said

    I also just found this site by accident…what a really nice guy 🙂 hope he is happy wherever he is!

  13. Vince said

    For some reason, this evening I thought about Dave … after having laughed with him as undergraduates, a full two decades later I bought my first cal football season tickets and low and behold I was sitting next to DFK. His zest for life still stays with me … RIP JFK.

  14. Michael Perry said

    I return to this blog every so often to read the comments and remember Dave. An earlier post of mine from a long lost weblog are here too. I worked with Dave at Levanta which was the rebirth of an earlier company named Linuxcare. Dave was part of our technical services team and our group enjoyed many lunches, Dave’s rather unusual method of rhyming last names, and rifling stuffed animals at my head over the partition separating us. I return because I still miss Dave. It has never gotten easier. I went through another life-changing event, a divorce, awhile back and a few folks told me I would one day gain acceptance of the fact. I have never reached that golden plateau. Neither have I reached acceptance of the passing of Dave. What I have learned in both events is how to live with or in spite of things. Miss you Dave. I’ll come back another day and perhaps write another comment.

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