This is a blog about my experiences with cancer of the esophagus. It’s purposely anonymous, lest any evil insurance company or employer link my identity with the fact that I’m a cancer patient. I created this blog in early August 2006, and back dated entries written prior to now.

It’s not really a blog but more like a journal. It’s best to read this backwards to front, going back in time and then moving forward. Or, depending on how long this ordeal goes on for, you just might not want to read that much of it. But wordpress is nice enough to host this for free, which means friends and family can read my random thoughts about what’s been going on. I think I’ve told these stories to most, probably over and over again, but this is in case I missed a few here and there.

I decided to blog after I found out another friend Brian has cancer, and his blog is really extensive. I just read through it and found it really helpful. I’ve been speaking with people at the Alta Bates Cancer Center in Berkeley, California, and they unanimously agree that blogging will both help me and help others who might be going through the same thing.

The key thing I’ve done, and everyone has told me to do, is to stay positive. Cancer isn’t the death sentence it once was; after speaking with a ton of doctors, and with the advances in genetics, my guess is we’ll see cancer as a manageable disease like diabetes within our lifetime.

So, this is my story about my fight with cancer. If anyone can gain inspiration or something positive from it, then groovy. I hope maybe someday some poor schmuck like me does a web search (via, since they’re not a bunch of stuck-up stanfurdites like the top management at google) and finds this blog, and finds it helpful.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Lien Truong said

    Hi Dave,

    Don’t know if you remember me. We tried to sneak in Clubsport Pleasanton one time to play some tennis at lunch when I used to work at Documentum… :).

    Steve Byrnes (my bf) told me about your blog web site. I just read today’s. Good luck with the surgery. I’ll keep checking in for the latest.

    Take care,


  2. ginacoggio said

    Hi…I came across this by accident today on wordpress. I want you to know that at times while reading, I was rolling with laughter, at other times my eyes welled. I have been through cancer before with my father and I agree with you that laughter, humor, and an ability to see the positive side of anything is the best way to deal. Keep it up. You rock.

  3. Dear Paul

    I am the editor of a new open access journal dedicated to cancer research ( and we are launching our inaugural issue in July 2012. I am also a physician by training and my PhD. work was dedicated towards finding new diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for cancer and towards a way to counter cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy. I came across Dave’s blog and reading it touched me deeply.

    As an Editor, I would like to share your story with other clinicians and scientists who work every day with cancer patients or in labs trying to battle this disease. The journal is circulated to a large body of clinicians and scientists and we would like to share your perspectives with the scientific community. Our Editorial board includes several well known scientists, clinicians and surgeons, as well as researchers who are motivated to fight this condition.

    If you would be interested, please email me your story to There is no limit to the text but we prefer upto a 1,000 word limit. Photographs are welcome. There is no deadline but if you would like something to be included in our inaugural issue, the last date for that would be June 15th. You can also write about your blog or any questions that you may have and we will run it by our experts and post an answer in the journal.

    Please also share this message with your friends and colleagues.


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